Mari Herigstad



Anja Hayen is a neuroscientist currently working as a senior scientist at p1vital. She completed her D.Phil. with me, Kyle Pattinson and Andrew Farmery at the University of Oxford in 2014. Her research is on neural correlates of breathlessness and the physiological confounds of respiratory challenges.

Emmanuel Debrah recently completed his PhD titled "Cerebral mechanisms of breathlessness and its relief" at Oxford Brookes University with me, Shakeeb Moosavi and Susan Brooks. His work is on breathlessness perception following insular lesions.

Sofia Granados Aparici is a PhD student in reproductive and developmental medicine at the University of Sheffield, working on ovarian function. We are collaborating on work involving optimising 9.4T scanning for experimental models of fertility.

Kyle Pattinson is a senior clinical research fellow at the University of Oxford interested in the neuroscience of asthma and respiratory control. We are working on the processing of breathlessness in disease populations and how this may be modulated.

Shakeeb Moosavi is a senior lecturer in physiology at Oxford Brookes University. His research focuses on novel treatment strategies for clinical breathlessness and air hunger. We are interested in experimental models of breathlessness and in the modulatory role of environmental factors.